Are Bamboo Toothbrushes Sustainable? | BrushFresh UK

Each year, people will throw away their old plastic toothbrush for a new one without realizing the impact that their old brush has on the planet. Many traditional toothbrushes contain plastic and rubber that take 400 years to decompose and become a threat to sea life, whilst also wasting our planet's resources. Although plastic can be recycled, around 91% of it isn't and ends up in landfills. In fact, experts estimate that there is enough plastic in landfills to create 2500 swimming pools. The

The Effects Of Streaming Induced Paradox Of Choice

When I was younger, we didn’t have streaming and instead would rely on the traditional cinema or DVDs coming out to watch movies. In my opinion, this made things plain and simple. I would save up for one specific DVD which would be something that I was interested in. Although this was a slow process, it didn’t make me wander about the shelves of DVD stores, endlessly searching for what to watch next. These limitations made it easier to choose films to watch. The problem with streaming is that i

Why the chains of toxic Masculinity must be broken.

My Thoughts and Experiences from a Non-Western Standpoint This isn’t any ordinary curse from a book on witchcraft, this is much worse. This curse has caused suffering for many men and will continue to do so, unless we find a way to stop it. Most of us can agree that feminism has achieved much for men as well as women. For years, man has wondered what his place on earth was. This is a thought that has existed as early as ancient times and has made its way through to the 21st century. Since th